Putting all the melodramatic media hyped controversies to rest Kangana’s latest melodious presentation with AIB is without any doubt super hilarious. Inspired by the song ‘Chittiyaan Kalaiyaan’ from the movie Roy, lyrics of ‘the bollywood diva song’ have been rewritten with the chorus pronouncing as ‘Because I have a vagina re’.

This extremely laughable presentation breaks all the stereotypes of the film industry from sexism, to the N-word of the industry being Nepotism, have been given a perfect thrash upon bash. The song depicts of all the women degrading flaws in the industry right from female actors being considered as the love interest and nothing more to the male domination in terms of payments.

More and more women oriented movies are on a rise these days from Hollywood to Bollywood. Such presentations not only breaks the hoax that males are more superior but also are an encouraging factor for women as they get more aware of their rights. Prolonged to be suppressed by male domination the accepted unconsciousness, at last, seems to break the barriers.


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