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By Gurpreet Kaur . 10th June 2018 09:30pm

With the arrival of monsoon, the worry of hair damage also arrives, which is often ignored by all of us. While we have a very irresistible urge of dancing and having fun in the rain, it is also equally important for us to maintain our hair. Following are the points which if you keep in mind, can help you in taking good care of your hair during the monsoon.

Keep your hair dry

Before going out to dance in the rain, remember that rain hair is acidic and polluted, which can damage the hair. So it is always better to keep the hair dry unless and until you are cannot escape the downpour.

Shampoo twice

Whenever you get caught in the rain, always come back and shampoo the hair properly from root to the tip of the hair. The hair becomes frizzy and undernourished during the monsoon. So use a good shampoo for avoiding any kind of fungal and bacterial infection.

Massage with oil

Doing champi with a good oil is very beneficial for the hair as it nourishes the hair and rejuvenates the strands of hair. Oiling hair also provides deep conditioning to the hair. But it should be seen that you do not over-do it, else you will have to use more shampoo in order to get rid of the oil, which would eventually damage the hair.

Loose ponytail

Tying your hair makes the rainwater penetrate into the hair. So it is better to keep them open or in a loose ponytail and buns so the water does not penetrate deep into the hair.

Correct comb

Use a comb which has a wide tooth. Such a comb not only detangles the hair easily but also provides good conditioning to the hair.

Condition properly

While using a hair conditioner, make sure that you are not using it in excess quantity, and you are applying it to the roots and the length of the hair. For spreading it in a better way, you can also use wide tooth comb, as mentioned earlier.

Proper diet

Proper diet is the best answer to all the solutions. Have food items like salmon, walnuts, spinach etc which are rich in proteins, iron, omega 3 fatty acids.

Short hair don’t care

If you have always wanted to cut those long hairs short, now is the perfect time for you to do it. Gather the courage from every part of the body, and shorten them. Short hairs are easy to handle and manage.

Home remedies

You can easily switch your shampoos and conditioners with the home remedies and items which are kept in your kitchen. These natural items help in avoiding any kind of chemical usage, and allergies which can arise with the use of certain shampoo and conditioner. If you keep all these points in mind during the monsoon, then you will definitely be able to prevent your hair from any kind of damage, especially during the monsoon season.

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