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'Thappad' will force the viewer to question the unfair & unjust marital norms

By Geetika Raleh . 25th February 2020 02:43pm
'Thappad' will force the viewer to question the unfair & unjust marital norms

Making a film on a real issue and making a film which narrates real story has a fine line difference. Taapsee Pannu’s recently released, Thappar, falls in the latter category. An impactful film, Thappad makes the viewer uncomfortable, angry while questioning the daily misogyny while adjusting to the life. Filmmaker Anubhav Sinha does not at any stake normalises the fact which are taken for granted in daily lives. Instead he time and again emphasises that ‘even if it is just a slap, it is not fine’.

See the trailer of Thappad below.

Amrita, essayed by Taapsee Pannu, is a doting housewife whose world turns upside down when her husband Vikaram slaps her at a party. He slaps her when he confronts that he might not be able to fulfil his dreams because of office politics and he lets it all out on his wife in public. In that very moment Amrita realises that it was not about one slap but other silent slaps she was ignoring since a long time. Would she be able to keep her self esteem over her love? Will she ever be able to forgive Vikram and move one like nothing ever happened? Thappad engages the masses the viewers on this and various other situations.

The film might feel too long but the pace of the story keeps the masses hooked to itself. The director has shaken the sleeping conscious of the viewer and forces one to talk to oneself.

The societal norms which have become normal and the misogyny that has been accepted are shown exactly what and how they are. The strong lines from the film like “Shaadi mein yeh sab chalta hai” or “Thoda bardasht karna seekhna chahiye autaron ko” only emphasise what has been heard again and again.

Talking about the performances, Taapsee delivers her another best performance as a submissive housewife who could live a completely different life had she chosen different options. Though essaying the role of a calm character, one definitely catches the glimpse of her fiery side onscreen many times. Her silence has proven to be more powerful than her dialogues in this film. The viewer connects with her helplessness and pain whilst she tries to escape and break free from the cast that society has put her into.

Debutant Pavail Gulati just camouflages in Vikram’s skin. He is completely unapologetic self with his wife and completely different with his boss makes the masses hate him.

Anubhav Sinha’s Thappar is the call to action which has not been taken in a long time to break the silence on the deep-rooted marital norms. Though things don’t change overnight, now dialogue is being conducted which will change things for the better of everyone.

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