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The importance of 3rd October is that it is a National BOYFRIEND Day! let's celebrate it in full zeal

By Geetika Raleh . 3rd October 2019 04:32pm
The importance of 3rd October is that it is a National BOYFRIEND Day! let's celebrate it in full zeal

So, today my friend jumped from her desk and ran up to me like a kid and asked with an ear-to-ear grin, “Do you know what’s special about today?” I said it’s the day when Gandhiji turned 1 day old. And instantly she replied, “Funny. But there's something even more important about today. It’s National Boyfriend Day, you idiot !!” And before I could even respond, she dialled her boyfriend’s number and started making plans for the two of them.

With a confused mind, she left me wondering about what even is the relevance of National Boyfriends Day? And soon I was scrolling through the internet to find it’s relevance, ‘HISTORY’ and everything else about it. And wherever I looked, it was the same lame stuff about making your boyfriend feel special and privileged. Q bhai, baby-shona ka birthday and anniversary kam tha kya jo abb boyfriend day celebrate karke usko special feel krwa rahe ho?

Well, on this grand and auspicious occasion for all the couples out there, we have a few tricks through which all the single ladies can also take part in celebrating this day as well (aren't we clever?).  

Eves Drop

Are you a single soul who still hasn’t found that special one to celebrate this cringe-worthy day with? Don’t worry, go out and eves drop on all the lovey-dovey couples and make sure you're checking out the guys (Make those ladies go bonkers). Ladkiyon ko to hmesha hi chedte hai, kabhi ladko ko chedhkr b unko privileged feel krwado bhai. Upar wala bh khush hoga. And don’t worry about the girlfriends, they’ll just be fine yaar and if they aren't then going and tease someone else!!

Dogs are boyfriend & boyfriends are dogs?

Dogs are a man’s best friend and it has been proven time and again. But hey, all the single ladies might be worried about how to celebrate this day which is dedicated to love of their lives? We have a solution. Why not have a dog named ‘Boyfriend’ instead? This will solve a major problem for you. You can go anywhere with your ‘boyfriend', you can kiss your ‘boyfriend’ anytime you like and even snuggle with 'him'. And the best thing, he’ll never cheat on you with anyone else. That's guaranteed.

Personal maid, driver, credit card

Do you know any words which are synonymous with a boyfriend? Driver, chalta-phirta credit card, maid, 24*7 pampering machine, cook, etc. these are all the words which are synonymous with boyfriend. Have you seen Kartik Aaryan and Nushrat Bharucha in Pyaar Ka Punchnama 1 and 2? In other words, it can also be said that Kartik’s character is a synonym to a boyfriend.

Millennials and boyfriends

And the best part is that the youth of today is called the ‘Millennials’. The ones who find it so difficult to stay with one person for long, are the only ones celebrating this day in full zeal.

P.S. If you’re somebody who's not really serious and doesn’t plan on getting married their partner, please sach boldo yaar us bechare ko. Please give him the chance to be somebody else’s driver, credit card, and 24*7 pampering machine. 

But all jokes apart, let us all wish all the boyfriends a happy National Boyfriend Day and hope that they enjoy it in a way that they would remember always. Today is your day so ask for anything from your girl, and we are sure she wouldn't refuse for it. *wink wink