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By Geetika Raleh . 17th April 2019 05:00pm

Video app Tik Tok just got a massive blow when the Madras High Court gave a directive to the Government of India to ban the download of applications in India. The government, in turn has asked the Apply and Google to disable the downloading of TikTok from App Store and the Play Store respectively. This is the latest turn in the elaborative chapter of TikTok, which has faced a lot of criticism and discrimination which also includes allegations of quality control, addictive content on its app.

The Ministry of Electronics and Information technology which is acting on this order will safeguard that this application will not be available for downloads on the smartphones. Prior to the hearing which is scheduled for today at the Madras High Court the Bytedance backed social media platform has refused a stay petition on the ban of the orders issued by Madras High Court, by the Supreme Court of India. This made the situation all the more difficult until April 22 when the hearing of the Supreme court is scheduled. This will be on the basis of the outcome of hearing at the Madurai bench today. Because of this, TikTok has a very austere future in the country.

Even after all this TikTok still has its hopes high that it will get through this ‘difficult’ phase in India. it is even taking steps to prove its intention in the Indian market. All these steps are dependent on how active the users are becoming on the app, and this is the reason why the social media platform hopes that it will get through this tough times after massive and huge growth in the country.

But right now, the most vital problem at the hand for TikTok is the quality of its content. Many reports have come up with questions of the abusive and pornographic content on the app. Cyberbullying is another factor where the users leave comments which are uncivilized and represent the foul etiquettes of the users. To fight this, TikTok then came up with a filter where the users could block the comments and specific words in order to minimize the attempt of bad intentions of the fellow users.

 A spokesperson while in an interview with the national channel said 

TikTok equips its users with multiple measures to make their account safe and report any content that is in violation of our community guidelines. Along with the content, users can also report accounts, videos, comments or chats. Recently, TikTok also  introduced a “Filter Comments" feature that empowers users to filter up to 30 self-defined words in Hindi and English from the comments section and also change the listed words as and when they want.

Tiktok has also designed anti-bullying guidelines on its platform in order to help the users to confront the abhorrent content. To maximize its effect, the guidelines have been published in 10 languages so that more users can read them.

Content control is the main factor for every social media platform, which comes after the privacy, content quality and general nature of the usage of the application. The TikTok spokesperson refused to share the number of users in the country saying that it is very early for its revelation.

Seeing the increasing problems it is facing in India, it is still to see how TikTok will manage to continue to have that kind of fan base after the legal grounds in India. Right now, the biggest challenge is to deal with the ban on the download of the app from the store.