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By Admin . 24th September 2018 09:00am

Decorating a rented house is a big challenge because it comes with numerous restrictions given by the landlord. But if restrictions are seen as a challenge, then no one can stop you from making your house beautiful and unique home.

So here we get you different ways in which you can decorate your rented house with easy and affordable decor ideas.

Good Furniture

You might have to change your house in a few years, so it is always wise to spend money on items that you can take with you. Interior designers recommend buying a few outstanding pieces of furniture and curtains that match well with your interior. In this way, you can make your own theme that you can take with you to your next home.


Perfect lighting

Not many changes can be done in the rented apartments, but one thing that can definitely be changed is the lighting of the house. Designer chandeliers and funky bedside lamps would look great in any apartment. Buy colored metallic lamps and hang them everywhere in the house and see the great transformation.

Funky Blinds

Drapes and curtains can immediately transform the look of any room. So say bye to the boring curtains and bring in bright and vibrant colors that can help in uplifting the mood of the people living in the room.

Amazing Flooring

Owners of the house often abstain from spending money on designing the floor, leaving not-so-happening flooring as one of the major issues with rented out properties. The floor cannot get refurbished so you can still make it look nice by spending on wonderful rugs. Placing a wall-to-wall carpet is not a wise idea in rented properties.


Use removable wallpapers

If your rent contract abstains you from putting any kind of artwork or painting on the wall, you can still decorate the walls with removable wallpapers. This is an amazing way in which you can put life to the plain white walls of your rented property. Wallpapers are easily removable so it won't be an issue when you shift out from your house.


Don't ignore the obvious

While trying to make everything look perfect, a majority of the times obvious things are often forgotten about. For instance, spending money on getting finishing touches like bed linen and cushions make a great difference. With numerous opportunities to match, linens can immediately add a splash of color and enhance your bedroom. In the same way, cushions also help in adding a lot of drama in the living space.