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By Gagan Bhullar . 14th January 2018 10:30pm

At a time when YouTube, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter were not even an idea or a platform where celebrities seemed approachable, he was a star who had won millions of hearts. Baljit Singh Sagoo, or Bally Sagoo, reigned the Punjabi music world in 1990s with his hit tracks like ‘Gur Nalon Ishq Mitha’, ‘Dil Cheez’ and ‘Tum Bin’. He was in Delhi-NCR on the Lohri eve performing at a popular location and opened up to a leading news agency about his thoughts on contemporary Punjabi music trends. He believes that Bhangra and Punjabi beats have not been experimented with, unlike Bollywood music, which has evolved in its style. [caption id="attachment_27573" align="alignnone" width="696"] Source: Instagram (@ballysagooofficial)[/caption] Talking about the stale approach of Punjabi music industry, he said,

“Bhangra is not just about the balle balle and hoye hoye. The kids out there don't want to listen to Punjabi music.”
Sharing his concern about the content of the music videos these days, Sagoo said,
“I think today's songs pretty much contain some sort of violence, drugs, women and bling, and I personally don't really like that kind of stuff, I don't like that kind of videos... I think they give pretty much a wrong impression.... I don't like the guns, the gangsters or any sort of violence. People should be making more and more true music and experimenting more... With bhangra music, it is the same topic: Boy meets girl; boy tries to impress the girl...”
There are more male singers in Pollywood as compared to the females. The talented music scorer for films like ‘Bend It Like Beckham’ and ‘Monsoon Wedding’ could not keep from commenting upon this observation too. He stated,
“…One major thing is that female singers are missing. It has always been a male-dominated industry. It should be a collaborative effort..”
[caption id="attachment_27574" align="alignnone" width="696"] Source: Instagram (@ballysagooofficial)[/caption] Bally Sagoo had released his last album ‘Café Punjab’ in 2015. The singer with almost three decades long experience in the industry also talked about his own approach to music, sharing,
“My music differs and I have been serving different tastes in most of my albums -- varying from mellow, dance, R&B and romantic, so there's a variety in there with bhangra songs. They (Punjabi musicians) use the same types of percussion... whereas, in my opinion, they should be fusing the language with different sounds -- with a bit of bhangra as we all love it.”
When asked about what he sees in the future Punjabi music, he said that R&B and hip-hop is in trend and pointed out that our country has many DJs but very few record producers. He said that the industry needs more composers and serious vocalists. Bally Sagoo is busy handling several projects while working on “dropping a brand new album” soon.   source: ians