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Top 10 Music Bands of All Time

By Gagandeep Sokhey . 17th September 2019 04:00pm
Top 10 Music Bands of All Time

Here we will share some of the facts about the top 10 music bands of all time worldwide. The Music band comprises of a group of different people who have a common love for music and they work together to create magic for their audiences. 

There are different kind of music bands worldwide but here we will talk about the top 10 music bands of all time which includes rock band, boy band, etc. 

1. The Beatles

This music band "The Beatles" was formed in the year 1960 in Liverpool, England and was an English Rock Band. The members of the group included Sir Paul McCartney, John Lennon, George Harrison and Ringo Starr. The Beatles are still considered to be one of the best bands of all time and treated as the influential acts of the rock era.

the beatles

2. Pink Floyd

This was an English rock band which was formed in the year 1965 in London. It was a progressive rock band which received considerable success with their psychedelic music as it related to the psychedelic culture of 1960s (related to drugs and hallucinations). Pink Floyd music band consisted of 5 members. Their albums included Dark Side of the Moon, Animals, The Wall and The Final Cut.

pink floyd

3. Nirvana

Nirvana was a music band which was formed in Aberdeen, Washington in the year 1987. It was an American Grunge band which had 3 members. The music band actually broke up as the main lead member Kurt Cobain committed suicide in the year 1994. David Grohl (the drummer of the band) started his own alternative rock band named Foo-Fighters. Nirvana is known for its most influential grunge music with their famous songs such as Soundgarden, Pearl Jam and Alice in Chains.


4. Green Day

Green Day is a music band of a different style as it included Punk Rock, Alternative Rock and Pop Punk, and was formed in the year 1986 in the USA. Their famous music includes Sex Pistols, Bad Religion, etc and the famous one is Boulevard of Broken Dreams. Green Day's album American Idiot won the Grammy Award for Best Rock Album.

green day

5. Linkin Park

Linkin Park was formed in the year 1996 in Agoura Hills, California in America. This music band has a mixture of Hip Hop, Techno and Alternative Rock. Their composition includes Nine Inch Nail and The Roots. Linkin Park got fame after they launched their international album named Hybrid Theory in the year 2000. Linkin Park's other famous albums include In the End, Numb, New Divide, etc.

linkin park

6. Coldplay

Coldplay is a British Rock Music band which was formed in the year 1996. This music band has 4 members and the lead vocalist is Chris Martin. Blue Rom was Coldplay's first released song to get with a famous label. They then received international fame by releasing their single number "Yellow" in the year 2000. In the year 2015, Coldplay released their 7th album "A Head Full of Dreams" which got to even bigger heights and opened up new markets.


7. Maroon 5

Maroon 5 originated in Los Angeles, California and is an American Pop Rock Music Band. As the name suggests, this music band comprises of 5 members (another member was added later) in total including their lead vocalist, Adam Levine. Before they formed Maroon 5 music band, the members already had a band known as Kara's Flowers which formed in 1994 during their high school. Their latest hit "Girls like you" was loved by everyone. Prior to this, they had hits like 'One more night', 'Animals', Sugar, to name a few.

maroon 5

8. Spice Girls

Spice Girls was a all-girl music band formed in the year 1994 and was an English pop girl band. Spice Girls music band consisted of 6 girls and the lead was Victoria Beckham along with Emma Bunton and Melanie Brown.

spice girls

9. Backstreet Boys

Backstreet Boys is an American pop music band which was formed in the year 1993 in Orlando, Florida USA. It consists of 5 members and the lead is Nick Carter and Kevin Richardson. This music band got international fame after they launched their album Backstreet Boys in the year 1996 and then the second album in 1997 which was called Backstreet's Back. Later they have released Millennium in 1999 and Black & Blue in the year 2000.

backstreet boys

10. NSync

NSync was an American boy band which was formed in the year 1995 in Orlando, Florida USA. This music band consisted of 5 members with the lead singer, Justin Timberlake. They released their second album "No Strings Attached" in the year 2000 and it sold 1 million copies in a day and broke a fifteen-year-old record. Their famous composition includes "I want you back", "Bye Bye Bye" and "its gonna be me".

nsync justin timberlake

Note: These are not in any specific order and the rankings don't suggest their success.  These are the author's personal views. Enjoy!