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By Ritika Nath . 29th August 2019 09:00am

Travelling out of India or abroad can always excites us but you should really be careful without compromising your safety. So to help you out with some of the problems that you think of while travelling to other country, we have listed down some tricks.

Know the address of your accommodation

It is advised to keep the knowledge about your address to accommodate in both the language (English and the native one). This will help you and your closed ones to know which place you are at when required.

In case you're walking alone at night

Walk slightly behind a couple. It sounds a little creepy, but you don't want to stand out as walking alone. Especially as a girl, the couple you could be following will usually get the vibe with a smile. Obviously, don't follow them home, but stay on the same side of the street as them.

Avoid dark or non-tourist areas at night

If you do feel uncomfortable, switch train cars or walk into very busy areas such as a restaurant.

If you do think you are being followed

Stop to ask security or a public place for help. You can walk into a hotel that's not yours to ask for help. Whatever you do, don't walk to where you're staying.

Carry Xerox of your documents

You are advised to keep pictures of your documents in your phone or mails, just in case you forget the original ones or misplace the credentials. It is even better if you carry a hardcopy of all the documents but it’s not possible to carry them all the time so it’s better to have a soft copy. Trouble doesn’t come with a warning! You never know when your wallet gets stolen or you misplace something. Also, a road map preferably.

Wear your backpack facing front

Not something with a thin strap that can be broken, or a clutch that can be grabbed, or a wallet in a front or back pocket.

Just don't get too drunk

It seems obvious, but you're in a foreign country, so you're a target for all types of crimes just by being a tourist; being drunk just multiplies that risk by like a 1,000. So it is advised not to get drunk out of the box.

Lock Up!

Lock your windows and doors, hide everything inside, and keep a lock on your belongings.

Hope now you can plan and execute your trip safely and peacefully. For more such updates, keep visiting Gabruu.com

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