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Travelling in these luxurious trains should be on the bucket list of every traveler

By Geetika Raleh . 19th November 2019 09:00am
Travelling in these luxurious trains should be on the bucket list of every traveler

As one of the most common means of communication in the world even today, there are some very costly trains in the world which you should travel in.

Trains are one of the most exciting and interesting modes of transport. The technology developed at a very quick pace and from coal to the evolution of the steam-powered trains happened in very less time. Today, there are various trains all over the world which are far more luxurious than electric-powered trains.

Here are the most expensive train rides in the world:


This luxurious train has several advanced features which make it different from other trains in the world. It provides the facility of modern technology like TV and computers and has been made keeping in mind the people who love having privacy. It can accommodate 52 people.

The price range starts from $4,220.21 per day.


This train has been in service to the historical personalities like Sir Winston Churchill, King George VI and Queen Elizabeth, Princess Elizabeth to name a few. The supporting staff members of the train and the other extraordinary services available to the passengers make this train journey a must travel train journey for the people who love to travel.

The price range starts from CAN $55,000.


The luxury train journey in South America has some breathtaking views to see while travelling through this train. Included in its dishes are famous local dish alpaca meat and Peruvian wine. Another great advantage of this train ride is its visit to the sanctuary.

The price range starts from $1,077.28 per person.


People who wish to see the world with a completely different perspective should travel through the Golden Chariot Train. Interiors decorated like fantastic temples, the train offers a luxurious tour. One can also enjoy the ayurvedic massage during the travel.

The price range starts from INR 3,53,920 per person.


This train ride is the perfect combination of Japanese tradition with the blend of modern technology there are a total of 14 suites on the train. The tickets are only available through lucky draw system so boarding this dreamy and extravagant train journey is completely on the luck of the passenger.

The price range starts from $2,550.