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By Gurpreet Kaur . 11th July 2018 01:00pm

Loosing weight has become a trend in a very less period of time. People these days are doing each and every thing, from diet control to yoga and power yoga too. And in order to lose weight people have started doing weight exercises. But little do the people know that doing cardio exercises helps in losing weight more easily and quickly. Moreover, people who exercise in the morning tend to shed weight more quickly than the ones who workout in the latter part of the day. This is because the rate of metabolism and insulin is higher during the morning. People are able to focus better when it comes to focusiing mentally. We present you with few reasons why cardio workout is the best workout for shedding some weight.

More calories are burnt

[caption id="attachment_42182" align="alignnone" width="620"]running Source[/caption] When doing cardio, the heart starts pumping blood at a quicker pace for which the body speed is increased and the person starts sweating. For this the body needs to be pushed till that point, and once there the body starts burning calories. A small walk helps in burning 200 calories.

Adds to the deficit of the calorie

[caption id="attachment_42184" align="alignnone" width="968"]skipping Source[/caption] Doing the cardio exercises, the person needs to reduce the amount of calorie intake. But portion control is needed for a person who is trying to reduce weight.

Can be done on all days

[caption id="attachment_42183" align="alignnone" width="3240"]swimming Source[/caption] Weight training requires some time for recovery, but there is no such condition for cardio workout routines. One can do cardio exercises anytime the person feels to and burn as many calories as he wants to.

Intense training

One is able to burn lot more calories with the help of cardio exercises . Cardio exercises can be done with the help of two methods: Exercising for long ttime duration or increasing the intensity of workout. For instance: While walking slowly on the treadmill, one can always jog or run for sometime. In the same way, the person can jump, climb or engage in activities which help in quick reduction of weight.

Enhances the level of insulin

[caption id="attachment_42185" align="alignnone" width="2400"]zumba Source[/caption] High intensity cardio exercises help in increasing the sensitivity of the insulin. It helps in burning more calories without any compromise on the hormonal balance. High level of insulin is beneficial for the people who try to reduce their weight.