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By Gurpreet Kaur . 8th June 2018 08:30pm

Kapil Sharma, comedian, and actor, has been leading a disturbed and disheveled personal life because of the problems in his professional life. But it is a good time for him and his fans as the comedian returned to Twitter after two long months and interacted with his fans. He was alleged with the gossips of being alcoholic, going into depression and of his unprofessional behavior. He had an emotional breakdown on Twitter a few months ago which eventually led to him filing a police complaint against his girl-friend, Preeti Simoes and her sister Neeti, former showrunner and a journalist. Following this incident, Kapil went off the social media and only communicated with his fans last night where he told them that he is trying to lead a positive lifestyle by making positive changes in it. He also told them that he is traveling presently but they would get to see him on TV soon. His fans had sent him numerous messages when he shared a link of Dr. Zeus’s song last night. When a fan asked Kapil on how he could stay connected to him, Kapil replied “Dil me aa rha hu bahot hai… Samajh ke kya karna..love u.” (The fact I am present in your heat is more than enough, understanding me beyond that makes no sense.) Earlier he said that he is ‘mota’ (fat) now and will soon change his display picture on Twitter once he gets back in shape. Another fan tweeted that he has been missing Kapil since the time his show has been called off, to which Kapil replied that he will be returning to the small screens with a brand new show and that too with a bang! He interacted with his fans for a long time, but soon ended all conversations saying,

“Chalo now good night .. trying to change my life style .. god bless all .. love u.”
https://twitter.com/KapilSharmaK9/status/1004791974283468800 Things took an ugly form when he messed up his friendship with his co-star, Sunil Grover. Kapil started canceling the shoots of his show, The Kapil Sharma Show, which eventually took off in the month of July last year. Kapil came back to the small screen in the month of April with a show named, ‘Family Time With Kapil Sharma.’ But soon after the reports of shoots being canceled started coming. Some sources also said that Kapil canceled the shoot with Rani Mukherjee at the last moment. But Kapil claimed that everything was alright between him and the channel. During an interview, Kapil said,
"The people who want my career destroyed can spread whatever lies they want. I am okay with it. I am not new to people piggy riding on my success. Let them, as long as it gives them the satisfaction they want. I know what I am doing."