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By Ritika Nath . 22nd June 2018 10:00pm

Even though India is yet to play in FIFA, it has not stopped its fans from becoming a part of the grand international football games. Two children, Rishitej and Nathania John K have been selected as the Official Match Ball Carriers (OMBC)in the upcoming matches. Nathania has now become the first India girl to be a ball barrier in FIFA. She was the only girl to make it to the top among other 50 contenders who participated in the contest organised by KIA, an official partner of FIFA. Not only the judges, but she also impressed Sunil Chhetri with her skills. [caption id="attachment_40308" align="alignnone" width="400"]nathania john k with rishi tej Source[/caption] Nandini is an ordinary yet talented 11-years-old girl from Andhra Pradesh. She will be leading Neymar’s Brazil onto the field in Group E game against Costa Rica on Friday. The game will be held at Arena St Petersburg. Nandini is going to board her flight to Russia on Thursday. This class VI student from Rishi Valley Tej School in Chittoor is very excited to attend the FIFA games and being on the field with her football heroes.

I am still in a daze. It is very unusual for an Indian to participate in the World Cup
[caption id="attachment_40309" align="alignnone" width="590"]Nathania John K Source[/caption] Nandini admires Lionel Messi. She has even filled more than 17 scrapbooks with her icon’s photos. Being a football fan, She has been playing the game from her senior school team for 2 years. Over the time, she has learnt the game by heart and improved her skills.
I play as a centre forward for my senior school team and have been going to several camps in Coimbatore to hone my skills for the last two years. So I was at ease when they asked me to show my dribbling, juggling and penalty shooting skills. I have seen that girls don’t play much football in India. So I hope that my selection opens the window for young girls to take up football and break all stereotypes.
10-years-old Rishitej from Bangaluru was also the official ball carrier to lead the teams onto the field for Group G between Belgium and Panama. He featured in the football game on Tuesday and became the first Indian to be a ball carrier in this World Cup. He had stated that he was so excited about the game, that he felt he was dreaming. He wanted to live every moment of the game and not just enjoy it, but also analyse the match. [caption id="attachment_40310" align="alignnone" width="950"]Rishi Tej Source[/caption]

Nandini and Tej have made the whole country proud with their dedication and charisma at such tender ages.

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