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By Simran Kashyap . 26th July 2018 06:00pm

Udayarian Lyrics - Satinder Sarma

Lyrics by: Satinder Sartaj Singer: Satinder Sartaaj Composer:Jatinder Shah Oh I am a lover of love, I love the clutches of love and love. I love the clutches of love, the feet of my love, not my foot nor the feet on the ground, millions of trees around the earth, I do not even cheat sweet dreams (x2) o some such eyes watched me, such eyes started looking at me, (X2) I got my eyes fixed on the legs I have not kept in front of the body (x2) I got my eyes fixed on the arms. I would tell you how to say something about Ishq. I would like to say I am finished with my arms in the arms. Let me tell you, I do not want to talk about it. I talked about the taste of the flowers. The flowers became even darker. The flowers became even more dark. Water washed away with love leaves. (X2) Come and see me like this Looked at such eyes I've been waiting for nothing, but I have not been able to keep my feet in the direction of my heart. (X2) o Casey eyes, I have seen a long story, my love is a long story, my love affair When the mirror came when I saw the mirror when I saw the glass, I did not want to comb the comb, nor the comb of the comb would not be torn, nor did I hide it. Naina did not understand anything. (X2) I have been able to look at such eyes. I have seen such eyes, but I have not kept my heart stuck in the grip but I am not able to say anything or not. I have seen some such eyes. On the other hand, the eyes of the God who looks intently at the heart of God's true passion is seen in the eyes which is intact, the true passion of God will be the result of the true hope. You come Satinder in Rome roma seems resided Satinder in Rome

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