It is Chitkara University which took the initiative, to begin with, a fest specifically for media students. As they are the initiators for media fest in the northern region of India. The Chitkara School of Mass Communication is equipped with all the up to date pieces of equipment required to hold a specifically designed media fest for the students.

‘Udaan’ is one of the most celebrated media fests which was followed by various prominent universities thereafter Chitkara University. It is the seventh edition of it in a row in which various competition pertaining to media discipline will be held. Being held on October 31, 2017, around 300 participants from around 30+ such media institutes are expected to take part in ‘Udaan’ that has always received much appreciation.

Events such as Photography, News Reading on TV, RJ hunt, Documentary Making, Writing, Page Designing, Video Editing, Theatre, News Reporting, Advertising Campaign etc are the attractions. The event is being held by the final year students of BAJMC and MAJMC.

List of events




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