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US Airstrike kills Iran's Commander, #WorldWarIII trends on Twitter

By Gagandeep Sokhey . 3rd January 2020 05:15pm
US Airstrike kills Iran's Commander, #WorldWarIII trends on Twitter

The words with hashtags #WWIII and 'World War 3' started trending on Twitter after Donald Trump ordered an airstrike which killed Iran's top commander.

On December 31, 2019, several protestors or Iran-backed Iraqi militiamen stormed the US Embassy in Baghdad, Iraq smashing windows and lighting fires and a group of thousand people thronged the streets chanting "Death to America".

Taking this into account, US President Donald Trump has shared that Iran will have to pay the price and he told this as a threat and not a warning. 

As on January 3, 2020, Donald Trump ordered an airstrike to kill Iran's Revolutionary Guards commander Qasem Soleimani who died in Baghdad. Suleimani was plotting several attacks on the US citizens and the military personnel deployed.

The two day US Embassy attack in Baghdad prompted Trump to send US troops with around 750 soldiers to the Middle East. 

A couple of hours later, the tension started increasing and this event began the trending of World War III on Twitter with #WWIII and the phrase 'World War 3' which got more than 2 lakhs tweets.

Take a look at the reactions which people have shared on the social media,

Not only twitter, but the phrase 'World War 3' also became the most searched one on Google after the airstrike. The second most searched term was 'Iran' with more than 5 lakh searches.

This leads to questions of the day:

What do you think can happen next?
Donald Trump made a wrong move with airstrike. Agree or Not?
Is World War III really coming?