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By Jasmeet Singh . 15th February 2018 06:32pm

The spirit of Valentine is still in the air. Love is being celebrated and will continue to be as it leaves everyone with an unforgettable memory. On this note, Aamir Khan while listening to one of his favorite 'Pehla Nasha' from the film 'Jo Jeeta Wohi Sikandar' wished his fans a happy Valentine. He tweeted;

"Hey guys, listening to my song Pehla Nasha on Valentine’s Day! Ideal song for this day :-). And, I must say it's one of my own favourites. Wishing all of you a happy Valentine’s Day!"

Aamir khan The actor on the love day also decided to narrate the untold story of his love experience on Facebook live. He gave it the title 'So here is my Pehla Nasha!' Aamir Khan Listening to his story was just like a tale told by the moonlight. Once upon a time, there lived a young schoolboy of 10 who had butterflies in his stomach because of a very beautiful girl. Fortunately, they both attended the same tennis practice sessions. The young lad was so in love, he would go early and be the last to leave only because he wanted to impress the beautiful girl. Unfortunately, the girl moved to another city. And the boy never had the chance to express his feelings because he lacked the courage to. Sounds interesting right? Well, that is the story of Aamir Khan which he shared with his fans on Valentine. Love is such a good feeling, experienced by the young and old. Although he was not able to express his feelings to a girl of the same age as he was, one thing he gained was an improvement in the game of tennis. At least he got a plus because of the girl. Click Below to watch Aamir Khan tell the story of his 'Pehla Nasha'. https://www.facebook.com/aamirkhan.com/videos/10155441773637799/ For Aamir, he had fallen in love a couple of times but it all resulted in a story that had no happily ever after. He said he was never lucky until he met his wife. As a result, his heart goes out to all those who fall in love but never get the love they want. Aamir Khan who is married to the prominent director Kiran Rao wished everyone love and happiness.