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By Nanki Ahluwalia . 12th June 2018 09:00pm

Varun Dhawan launched the cover of Amish Tripathi’s latest book – ‘Suheldev and The Battle of Bahraich’ at Title Waves in Mumbai on Monday. The book, assisted by Vikas Singh, is the first book with which Amish has introduced Writer's Center in India and will be published under Amish’s brand new series titled ‘Indic Chronicles’. ‘Suheldev and The Battle of Bahraich’, traces the story of Raja Suheldev, a legendary but forgotten hero and an unforgettable battle which kept the Turks at bay for almost 170 years. Varun DhawanVarun dhawan who is a big fan of Amish said,

It is time we celebrate our Indian heroes and not look at the West to look up to heroes. You get inspired yes, but with writers like Amish and Vikas who’re doing a great job in making Indian history accessible and entertaining.
He further added, “Your imagination runs wild when you read a book by Amish. I’m sure we will see a well-made adaptation of Suheldev that will reach the world. " The launch of the book was very interactive with Amish, Varun and Vikas sharing their thoughts with each other and the media.
With Indic Chronicle series, the idea is to explore ignored heroes. The title of the first part itself is Suheldev and the Battle of Bahraich. We attempted to showcase this great warrior hero, from a very small principality, who took the lead at a time of absolute desperation in north India at least.
He further added, “We wanted to put Suheldev, the hero in the limelight and that’s what the cover tried to do. It is him charging into the battle, wounded but unbowed, fierce, patriotic, inclusive and everything an Indian hero should be.” ‘Suheldev and The Battle of Bahraich’ will be published by Westland and will release on 23 July 2018 across online and offline bookstores. check out the actual footage here.