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Venice faces worst 'acqa alta' in the last 50 years

By Geetika Raleh . 16th November 2019 01:53pm
Venice faces worst 'acqa alta' in the last 50 years

Venice is in a state of emergency now that it is dealing with the effects of the worst floods in its history.

On November 20, high tides from the surrounding lagoon streamed into over 200 islands that are a part of Venice. This streaming has caused flooding of a majority of the city, destroying artwork and various historic sites. The water made its way into the rivers, large water bodies, and even drenched the most historic site including St. Mark’s Basilica which was completed in 1902.

The water got to a height of 6.1 feet, making it the worst flood in the last 50 years. The tide reached a height of 6.3 feet in November 1966.

The city of Venice is capable of managing high waters or ‘acqua alta’ as it is called by the locals there because the city faces high tides along with heavy rains and strong winds during the season. The mayor of the city claimed that all this was a result of the drastic climatic changes happening around the world today.

Venice has faced a total of 10 highest tides since 1923, out of which five have occurred in the last 20 years and one which was caused in 2018. Both the calamities were caused because of the storms flowing in the northeast direction across the Adriatic Sea. The change in the pattern of jet-streams has caused these strong storms blowing across the sea and will continue to do so as the weather patterns continue to get worse.