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By Jasmeet Singh . 13th February 2018 03:46pm

When it comes to a big entertainment industry scandals, and controversies are inevitable. Recently, two beautiful Bollywood actresses, took to Twitter to send each other messages that got everyone talking. Oh Yes! Sonam Kapoor gave a reply to Sonakshi Sinha's statement, who later blamed the media for her statement. So, without beating around the bush, here is exactly what happened. Sonakshi Sinha while on the Vogue BFFs with designer Manish Malhotra as her co-guest was asked about her colleague Sonam Kapoor. Unfortunately, her response was not so good. According to a leading daily, Sonakshi said, "Sonam once showed her a lot of attitudes, which... was unnecessary." To all Sonam Kapoor fans, it is hard to believe. Such sweet and loving smile she has. Well, in response to the statement, Sonam Kapoor, tweeted;

"Thanks sona I’ve always been warm towards you, don’t remember showing you attitude! If you feel that way I’m sorry!"

sonam kapoor So polite, Sonam Kapoor apologized for giving an attitude to which she has no memory of. But to the greatest surprise of everyone, Sonakshi's reply was not in favor of the media. She replied Sonam's tweet with a message that read;

"Aww dont be silly ! We’ve all been on these shows where we are coaxed to say things we really dont wanna!!!! And then arent we used to things being blown out of proportion? Not to be taken seriously! Big hug"

Sonakshi Sinha Apparently, Sonakshi is trying to say that the show persuaded her to say what she did not really want to say. While Sonakshi tried to play cool, her response did not please many. Nice to see that the two actresses are not having a cold war due to a statement. Meanwhile, Sonam Kapoor was recently in Padman starring Akshay Kumar while Sonakshi Sinha is gearing up for the release of a blockbuster, 'Welcome To NewYork'.