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By Geetika Raleh . 10th June 2019 05:00pm

On today’s news board captain of Indian cricket team, Virat Kohli said that he did not want the Indian fans to set a bad example and also apologized to Steven Smith on behalf of the crowd gathered in London for the cricket match. This happened when the crowd started booing the Australian cricketer whilst he was fielding and also when he was walking in to bat during the 2019 Wolrd Cup matches.

Initially, Smith was booed with the shouts cheater cheater, making rounds while he was batting near Vauxhall. Hardik Pandya had been bowled and the crowd really tried to lower the confidence of Smith with the chants. Kolhi was batting at the time and hearing the chants looked at the crowds and gestured them to stop it. He also gestured the audience to clap instead pointing towards Smith, he did the same thing when Smith was walking past him and the cricketers shook hands.

When Smith was walking towards the ground for his batting that was when the crowd again started to chant cheater cheater. Kohli who was fielding at the time looked at the crowd again, folded his hands and requested the crowd to stop it.

Smith scored 69 runs but his team lost the match by 36 runs.

 Speaking about what happened on the field, Kohli during a press conference said that he didn’t want the Indian fans to give a bad example by booing Smith.

He said 

There are so many Indian fans here, I just didn't want them to set a bad example to be honest. He didn't do anything to be booed, in my opinion. He's just playing cricket. I mean he's just standing there and I felt bad because if I was in a position where something had happened with me and I'd apologized and accepted it and I came back and still I get booed, I wouldn't like it either. So I just felt for him and told him 'sorry for... on behalf of the crowd'. We've seen that happen in a few earlier games as well. In my opinion that's not acceptable.

Smith was banned from the game for his part in the sandpaper-gate scandal and has made a come-back in the game after serving his punishment. He received a similar treatment while playing match against Afghanistan. Warner was also banned from the game and he also received the same treatment from the crowds in Bristol.

Kohli further added 

Look, what's happened has happened like long back. The guy's back and and he's trying to play well for his side. Even in the IPL I saw him, it's not good to see someone down like that to be honest. We've had issues in the past, we've had a few arguments on the field, but you don't want to see a guy feeling that heat every time he's going out to play. What's happened has happened and everyone knows that. He's back, he's worked hard and he's playing well for his side.

Australian spinner, Adam Zampa, also involved in the controversy when pictures of him putting the ball in the pocket started doing rounds on the internet. Aaron Finch, the captain of the team said that he had not seen the pictures and also said that Zampa often has hand warmers in his pockets.