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Want to know what all constitutes of Sara's gym essentials?

By Geetika Raleh . 26th September 2019 09:00am
Want to know what all constitutes of Sara's gym essentials?

Bollywood celebrities are among those who’d prefer a without make-up look, ditch their heels for comfortable footwear, but there is one thing that they'd definitely not miss out at any cost. And that thing is their workout/gym routine. Be it at a film shoot or a vacation, they are always working out, either in the gym or outdoors.

The apple to the eyes for the millennial, Sara Ali Khan, is a role model for all the women who push themselves every single day to become the fittest version of themselves. Her fashion sense, the clothes she wears or carries to the gym or the bags she carries with herself sets a new trend every day. The papparazzi follow her in & out of the gym just to get a glimpse of what she is wearing today and Saif & Amrita's daughter never shies away from posing. 

She is often seen carrying stunning bags and recently, she was seen carrying the pink tote bag and a few days back, she was carrying a floral one while going for her usual workout session.

But one thing that always makes us wonder is, what's all these necessary items she carries with her in the bag.

According to this millennial star kid, these are very basic things that she needs in order to have a fruitful workout session.

Extra pair of clothes:

Well, if you thought that it was just the workout that she carried with her, you’re wrong. Along with the gym gear, she believes in carrying an extra pair of clothing with her in case she has an important meeting after her routine. (Sssshhhh, don't tell anyone about this yaaaa!)

Also, her gym wear is often from top sports brands like Nike and Puma. Very recently, she was seen donning a crop top which caught everyone’s attention. The crop top was worth USD 17.9 approximately INR 1,284, which sounds considerably cheap given her wealth (She is a princess after all) Who doesn’t like to be in their comfort zone when going for a workout?

Boxing Gloves:

Everyone knows that the princess of the royal family is usually seen engrossed in mixed martial arts. So, a pair of boxing gloves are used in the 45-minutes class. This class is inclusive of functional and weight training as well. 

Energy drink:

The Simmba-actress maintains her energy levels high with the help of an energy drink which she carries while workout routines.


Well, water is easily available at every workout center but carrying one’s own water bottle is always better. Prevention is always better than cure. Smart move on that, Sara!


While working out, one needs to feel pumped and motivated. For this purpose, Sara often carries speakers with her.


There are times when there's a requirement to regain the lost energy which only an energy drink cannot do. So, for times like this, she also carries multivitamins whenever she feels extremely low on energy. As it is, the experts suggest the people to have multivitamins because of the kind of lifestyle that people lead.

Black coffee:

Coffee is an important wake up item that Sara generally carries with her while going for her workout routines in the morning. Even the trainers suggest the people should have a cup of black coffee prior to working out. This makes the routine a better and an interesting one and full of energy.