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By Gagan Bhullar . 4th August 2018 07:30pm

Punjabi music stars leave no stone unturned to reach out to their fans. That's probably the reason they plan out the year-long live concerts well in advance. And then they go out and enthrall the crowd with their obvious talent. Quite like what happened last night when Jasmine Sandlas won over the Melbourne crowd. Gulabi Queen has left everyone speechless with her various Punjabi and Bollywood outings and had already announced her third album earlier this year. Sip Sip and Veera, two tracks from the same album, have already released and need we mention, are topping the charts. Next in the line is Patt Lai Geya. The lady had announced the song just earlier this week and could not really keep her excitement in. In her own words that she posted on her Instagram handle,

I leaked #pattlaigeya in Melbourne tonight
Take a look at the video she shared from the live performance: [video width="640" height="800" mp4="https://www.gabruu.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/08/37788616_211820242822271_1387072616094760960_n.mp4"][/video] Well, from this teeny-tiny bit of the track she sang at the Melbourne venue, we are sure that Patt Lai Geya is going to be another hit from this singing diva. Another tid-bit for those who haven't read JASMINE SANDLAS IS COMING UP WITH THE MUSIC VIDEO OF HER SONG “PATT LAI GEYA”, this track is also directed by her sister Rosleen Sandlas. The younger Sandlas had also directed the Sip Sip video. Jasmine has been sharing behind the scene pics and videos from Patt Lai Geya shoot for quite some time now. She has definitely made us curious and excited to see what the lady has in store for her fans. On the personal front, #JaRry moments are also keeping Jasmine-Garry fans entertained and need we say (yet again!!) we totally ship this couple. For more updates on Jasmine Sandlas' projects and such Pollywood and Bollywood news, keep coming back to Gabruu.com.