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By Nanki Ahluwalia . 24th April 2018 06:30pm

Punjab’s farmers have always been feeding the country selflessly. They serve the entire nation. But their demands have always been neglected, they commit suicides, they suffer and so do their coming generations.The question that arises here is that, is this all justified? Recently in the past one week six cases of ready to harvest wheat was gutted due to the short circuiting of overhead high tension electricity wires that crossed their fields. The farmers have been demanding compensation for the same. The incident has been reported as stated ahead: 15 acres in Mansa, 22 acres in separate incidents in muktsar, 15 acres in Barnala, 56 acres gutted in several villages in Jalalabad, 10 acres in Bareta and 15 acres in Boha sub-division. Now who can be held responsible for this loss.

I was planning to harvest my crop, but fire due to overhead wires has ruined us. Now, only ashes are left,
said a farmer Tota Singh.
My son wants to study in a university and is preparing for the entrance exam. How will I pay his fee when my entire crop has been gutted?
said another farmer.
Gurbhagat Singh, president Bharti Kisan Union (Ugrahan) Muktsar said, Farmers are already under heavy debt. The government must pay suitable compensation to the farmers.
Punjab State Power Corporation Limited (PSPCL) superintending engineer Inderjit Singh said, “We make farmers aware of measures to protect their crop. We cut electricity supply during the day toprevent any chance of electricity-related fire accidents.”
Farmers should not leave any fire source unattended besides checking battery wires of tractors and combines, he added. If fire breaks out due to our negligence, compensation is paid to farmers as per rules, added Inderjit.
Condemning this incident, the pollywood industry stands in support of the farmers. Many superstars in the Punjabi music and cinema industry have shared their views on social media, condemning the loss and have shared sympathy with the farmers. Ninja shared a post on instagram writing that, “he feels very sad to see the providence of food in such a pathetic condition, he also wrote that he and his friends will be definitely contributing in some way or the other”. He also insisted his fans and followers to help these farmers in their crisis situation. [caption id="attachment_35154" align="alignnone" width="686"]Ninja Source/Instagram[/caption] Sunanda Sharma also came out in support of these back to back fire incident and posted  a picture of the burning fields writing that the level of hardwork the farmers do in Punjab is incomparable, and this incident should not have happened.