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By Siddharth Singh . 3rd February 2018 02:41pm

Former India cricket team captain Sourav Ganguly is all set to come out with his book "A Century Is Not Enough" this month. Sharing a preview of it Ganguly, who at present is the president of Cricket Associaton of Bengal (CAB), has revealed an anecdote from his life when he had to disguise as a Sikh person in order to avoid the public eye to recognize him. Ganguly took to his official Twitter handle sharing the first chapter of the book when he had to wear a look like Harbhajan Singh - a Sardar. https://twitter.com/SGanguly99/status/959327901744279552 A few quotes from the first chapter of the book at Juggernaut reads as:

It was Durga Puja. As with all Bengalis, it’s my favourite festival.
But for a celebrity to attend common festive is not less than a soldier going to war. A sea of people all at a single time wanting to chat, click a picture and what not? is no less than a challenge of normal survival for a celeb. Ganguly knew it,
Now I could have been mobbed big time. The situation could have gone out of control.
Therefore he decided to go disguised as one of Harbhajan’s tribe. He got dressed up as, "sardarji". 
My wife, Dona, had arranged for a make-up artist to come home to turn me from a hardcore Bengali into a convincing-looking Sikh.
All of his cousins mocked him, saying he would get recognized. And Sourav took it up as a challenge. Well, they were right to some extent as the cricketer was spotted by a police serviceman on duty and was immediately recognized. Sharing the anecdote Ganguly writes,
They turned out to be right. I was not allowed on the truck by the police and had to follow it in our car with my daughter, Sana. As the car reached the Babughat area the police inspector peered in through the window, looked closely at me and smiled gently in recognition.
I was embarrassed but asked him to keep my secret.
Thus he describes the escapade "worth it". You can read the entire preview on the official website of Juggernaut, publishers of the book.