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By Mukul Arora . 12th July 2018 04:30pm

Veteran actor Rishi Kapoor always remains in media for his controversial remarks. One more time this actor has done something which was totally unexpecting. Recently the actor took to his Twitter where he expressed his feelings on Thai cave rescue. The remarkable rescue operation took around 9 days. Thai defence forces worked really hard to rescue the football team and their coach which were stuck inside a cave. The actor was trolled by Twitteratis for his insensitive remarks on the rescue operation. The actor Tweeted;

“Thank God. All the 12 boys of the soccer team and their coach rescued. This script is a sure shot block buster whenever and  whosoever makes it.”

[caption id="attachment_42342" align="alignnone" width="332"] source/twitter[/caption] This didn't go well with the Twitter community and they trolled the actor in their own style. A Twitter user named Rohit wrote; you cannot think beyond the script, right. Another user with a username The Mad one wrote; [caption id="attachment_42343" align="alignnone" width="343"] source[/caption]

'Sir am a huge fan of yours ever since i remember, but the idea of capitalizing on a huge rescue mission when the kids and the adults involved are still hospitalized is too immature!!! let's just respect the process and the people involved!!'

Another user Sameer Patil wrote;

Hope we understand that there are 12 families praying day and night for their children. and all some people care is about script. we need to be better humans than being mere actor. 

Rishi Kapoor wasn’t the only one to face the wrath of Twitterati over this issue – Pure Flix Entertainment, an American movie production company was also trolled on Twitter after their CEO revealed that the studio intends to make a film on the events that unfolded. His Tweet read; [caption id="attachment_42340" align="alignnone" width="335"] source/twitter[/caption] [caption id="attachment_42341" align="alignnone" width="338"] source[/caption] Well, it may be insensitive, but let’s hope that if Hollywood is it’s opportunistic self and does make a movie, at least it is not heavily whitewashed and Americanised. It was at the end the Thai SEAL team that saved those people and not American hotshots. What do you have to say about it, do let us know in the comments below and for more content like this keep visiting gabruu.com