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By Gagan Bhullar . 10th January 2018 11:30pm

A good news for the women readers... you might live longer than men folks because you all are 'biologically stronger'. No, we are not making this statement. This is revealed by a research conducted in the United States. The study compared the data of lifespans collected from different countries in different historical times. Researchers studied mortality patterns during the hardest periods of human history including slavery, famines, and epidemics. Earlier studies emphasized on biological and social factors that affected survival. The new research unearthed the fact that even during the times when death tolls were high, the female survivors were way more than males in the same circumstances. In fact, baby girls were able to survive the difficulties and harshness of slavery, famines, and epidemics better than baby boys. [caption id="attachment_27281" align="alignnone" width="696"] source[/caption] The research stated,

“The conditions experienced by the people in the analyzed populations were horrific. Even though the crises reduced the female survival advantage in life expectancy, women still survived better than men.”
The study started off on the grounds that females survive better even when the society and behaviors are against them. Women populations throughout the history have lived through adversaries and odds and faced them better, came out stronger than their men counterparts. As the abstract of the study reads,
"The hypothesis ..... is supported by the fact that under very harsh conditions females survive better than males even at infant ages when behavioral and social differences may be minimal or favor males."
Now, the men would definitely be wondering, WHY? Well, although the current study does not really delve into How and Why of the matter, a different report on the research pointed out that sex hormones may be playing their magic in the matter. The report said,
“The team was not able to pinpoint what sort of biological advantage women might have over men, of course, but note that estrogen is known to be anti-inflammatory and that testosterone may actually cause problems for the immune system."
The study has clearly snubbed the popular belief that our lifestyle and recklessness affects our long-life. Guess Karwa Chauth is doing no wonders too!