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"You're going to catch me on Indian streets doing Indian things" says Katy Perry

By Geetika Raleh . 13th November 2019 11:48am

The Roar hitmaker is thrilled for her visit to India as she will be seen completely immerses in the local culture apart from discovering the shopping streets, and she is also looking forward to partying with the B-town celebs.

American pop sensation, Katy Perry will be performing on November 16 at the OnePlus India event at Mumbai’s DY Patil Stadium. She will be performing in India after seven years. Previously she was here to perform at the opening of the fifth season of the IPL.

Excited about her performance, Katy said I'm totally excited to immerse myself in the culture, this week in Mumbai. You're going to catch me on these streets.

She said, I’m excited to watch some of the other people performing. I’m totally excited to immerse myself in the culture, this week in Mumbai. I am not the girl who stays indoors and orders room service. I go out, seek the world I love people, culture, traditions. You’re going to catch me on these streets.

Bollywood diva, Jacqueline Fernandes will be hosting the music event where Katy will be engrossing the audience with her beautiful voice. Fernandes welcomed American singer and will also be her tourist guide in the country.

Talking about the easy camaraderie with Fernandes, Katy said I am excited to meet anyone interesting, who has a great perspective, care, kindness and empathy for the world and wants to do compassionate artistic thing. That’s the kind of people I want to hang out with. I’m sure Jacqueline is definitely going to take me shopping, eating.

The two got along pretty well with each other if their social media is to be believed. Karan Johar will be hosting another reception for Katy Perry where many renowned personalities of Bollywood will be attending the event.

She further said that her team will be working on the research and development on the Indian artists she can have a possible collaboration with.

Other than Katy, Dua Lipa, Amit Trivedi and Ritviz will be performing at the event too.